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Ultimately Easy, Ultimately Affordable

Ultimately Easy, Ultimately Affordable

When Angelo Siokos bought his first home on the Gold Coast, it was in Paradise Point. Being on a waterfront property, he set about replacing the weathered old wooden jetty with a floating jetty. There was a boat ramp, so he bought a jet ski on a trailer. It became clear to Angelo that if he was to keep the jet ski on a floating dock, it was going to save him a lot of time getting out on the water.
So he began to shop around and took notice of all the neighbours’ jet ski docks. “It was very humorous at times watching as they ram their jet ski into the dock in an attempt to park on top. Many times I noticed they would dangerously overshoot the dock, while other times they would end up side ways.”
Angelo began to think of other ways a jet ski dock could be built, to create a much more pleasant and fluid motion when dis-embarking and loading. He began to list his dislikes about the docks on the market and thought of ways he could solve each shortcoming with his new “ultimate design” – the Ultimate Jet Ski Lift.

Angelo says, “Now in the its third generation, the Ultimate Jet Ski Lift offers to owners benefits which make jet ski docking easier for the whole family.” We gave it a test, and here is what we found out.

QUICK LAUNCH AND RETRIEVE. A jet ski on a dock requires a great deal of muscle to lift it and physically push it into the water, which is not user-friendly. The Ultimate Jet Ski Lift allows riders of all ages and abilities to launch the jet ski in a few seconds using a remote control.

NO HULL DAMAGE. If you have seen a rider return a jet ski to a floating dock, you will notice that there is a great deal of forward force required. Essentially, the rider needs to ram the dock to park the jet ski on top, resulting in hull abrasion and possible damage to your pride and joy. The Ultimate Jet Ski Lift has no such stress. The rider simply parks in the lift and presses the remote to lift the jet ski out of the water. It’s that easy!

WALK-AROUND DESIGN. There is none of the usual tripping and slipping trying to get around your jet ski on a floating dock. The Ultimate Jet Ski Lift has a wide walk-around flat platform, which is covered in marine carpet. This allows owners to conduct cleaning and maintenance while the jet ski is out of the water.

SOLAR-POWER BATTERY-OPERATED LIFT. You might be thinking that you require 240-volt power on your jetty to operate this lift. Well, think again. The Ultimate Jet Ski Lift is fitted with a solar panel and storage battery, which powers the winch driven lift.

NO FLAT BATTERY. Owners will know that without constant charging a jet ski battery will lose charge when left unused. The Ultimate Jet Ski Lift solves this most frustrating problem with a well-positioned 12-volt outlet running off the solar storage battery, allowing the jet ski to be plugged in for trickle charging while not in use.

ALWAYS COVERED. If you have ever tried fitting a jet ski storage cover, you will know just how much of a pain it really is. The tight fitting designs usually mean strained fingers, or even worse a broken fingernail! The Ultimate Jet Ski Lift has a removable roof cover made of high quality Sunbrella material. The lift raises the jet ski up and the dome-shaped canopy offers protection from the sun and rain.

When asked how much the Ultimate Jet Ski Lift costs, Angelo usually asks the buyer to firstly bring their family down to give one a try. The result is, “They will value its safe and easy launching and retrieval as priceless,” Angelo says. “When I designed the lift, I was adamant it had to be reasonably priced. I think we have achieved that,” he proudly declares. In real money this translates to a starting price of $5900 including remote control, charger, high quality components and a greater lift capacity for some of these new generation family size jet skis. Angelo explains, “We can lift up to one tonne, if required.”

“The best aspect of this ultimate product is that they are built on the Gold Coast. I invite prospective buyers to visit our factory and to understand in detail why this once-off investment will revolutionise the way their family interact with their jet ski. Best of all, we have stock ready to deliver. There is no waiting,” explains the man behind this ingenious product.

It’s hard not to be really impressed with the straightforward design of the Ultimate Jet Ski Lift, providing the easiest solution we found on the market for jet ski owners. Angelo and his wife, Madonna, have spent thousands of hours with designers, engineers, and fabricators to build the best jet ski lift on the market. “All the hours of hard work on this product all makes sense when we see our kids safely come and go on our jet skis. So, I urge you to try it once and you will never want to go back to your floating jet ski dock. This is the ultimate jet ski lift!”

As the company explains, they also carry a range of Ultimate Docking Systems, including the Ultimate Modular System Jetski Docks, and supplies modular systems for commercial installations such as floating walkways and jetties. All configurations are on display at the Gold Coast factory, and the sales team offer a design consultancy to help you making your decision.


Editorial by Andy Kancachian

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