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n the heart of Runaway Bay marina is the legendary Bullet Boats, one of the original ski boat manufacturers in Australia. This family-owned business has made many innovative hull designs that are way ahead of their time for social skiing, ski racing, and the power boat race circuits.

By way of a proven hull design and the latest construction methods, the innovative ski boat manufacturer sells a range of high-performance ski boats that have a recognized track record out on the circuits. Bullet Boats is the only Australian boat manufacturer that holds a world water speed record with a 1750 tunnel deck bullet called Bullet One, driven by Ken Evans.

The range of boats include outboard and inboard versions to suit all types of skiing, wake boarding and cruising. Each boat is original in its design and is tested in the harshest local conditions. Be rest assured the very best materials and manufacture process has been utilised in the production of each boat, ensuring maximum safety standards and upstanding long-term resale value.


All models in the Bullet Boat range are constructed using vacuum resin infusion (VRI) hull technology with foam cores, proving maximum strength whilst keeping the weight at a minimum.

The VRI is a building technique that uses vacuum pressure to drive resin into a laminate. Materials are laid dry into the mold and the vacuum is applied before resin is introduced. Once a complete vacuum is achieved, the resin is distributed into the laminate via carefully placed tubing. The VRI process allows for unlimited set-up time and very consistent resin usage, also greatly improves the fiber-to-resin ratio which results in a stronger and lighter product.

Rather than starting with excess and drawing resin out in traditional methods, the VRI starts with none and pushes resin in. Ideally, any excess resin that is introduced will eventually be sucked out into the vacuum line. As a result, only the minimum amount of resin is introduced. This lowers weight, increases strength, and maximises the properties of fibre and resin.

STANDOUT MODELS AND SUCCESS The 1750 Bullet is a legend throughout tournaments in Australia. The smallest of the range, the 1750 model comes in three models: social, race, and tunnel deck, with the option of a safety cell. The base Social models include a fully glassed deck, one piece bullet anodized gunwale strip, bow hook, bung and well drains, driver’s and passenger’s foot pads, battery and ski pole platforms, two upholstered bucket helm seats and upholstered rear lounge, marine carpet to floor, and of course a ski pole.

The new model 2150 Bullet is an inventive new design that has been developed over time by the company listening to drivers, skiers, high-performance mechanics to create a boat that is purpose-built to ski for fun. When put to the test, it will win!

The 2150 has many design features that make this the boat of choice for the ski-racer, including an advanced air release hull, fore-deck with a moulded outer lip to accommodate skiers whilst sitting on deck. Available in left or right hand steering with built-in console, air intakes to windscreen, side decks and air release to transom and a cut down rear running streaks for better performance. An aggressive outer chine turn downs to front of hull for rough water performance, added length to front of hull to help prevent nose-diving in rough water and available with a stern-drive or outboard engine. The cockpit boasts under-floor storage with hatch and under-floor fiberglass fuel tank.

To discuss a custom-built Bullet Boat, contact Paul Tuesley Ph: 0417 173 257.